K-1 Visa from Thailand

Thinking of getting your girlfriend in Thailand a US tourist visa or visitors visa so that you can marry her in the US? Well don’t. Not only can it be viewed by USCIS as being an attempt to defraud the system but the US tourist visa also has a very high rejection rate in the vicinity of 90%.

Before attempting to apply for the US K-1 Visa for Thai Girlfriend, it is important to first understand what this visa is all about. This visa is for a foreigner who wants to marry a Thai national. Those who want to marry a Thai citizen must submit an application to the US Embassy in Bangkok.

What is a US K-1 Visa?

This visa is very easy to get, but it does require the petitioner to meet certain financial requirements. The petitioner must have an annual income that is above the poverty line. The petitioner must also have sufficient evidence of not becoming a public charge. The petition must be accompanied by marriage proof. The petition must also be submitted within 90 days.

If a US citizen is in love with a Thai national, he should be careful to make sure that the visa is issued before the relationship begins. The US Embassy will refuse to process the application if the couple is married, unless they have divorced and are free to marry. It is also important to keep in mind that the Thai fiancee will have to wait for the K-1 Visa to expire before he can travel to the US.

Once the petition has been approved, the US Embassy will forward the application to the relevant consulate in the foreign country. Upon receiving this notice, the foreign partner can then complete a DS-160 form online or in a U.S. Embassy. The DS-160 form is used to petition for a temporary visa to enter the United States. If you are applying online, make sure to print the confirmation page after you have filled it out.

Get a US Immigration Attorney

If you are not certain if you would be able to apply for a K-1 Visa , speak to an attorney to view your chances. If you are self employed or active military member – the requirements for a k1 visa are lower for military members and self employed individuals may apply for a K1 Visa based on the amount of assets you own. This of course can be used to meet the minimum requirements of the K-1 Visa if you are employed.

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