Financial Requirements for a K1 Visa

Financial Requirements for a K1 Visa

If you are in the US military you only need to make the poverty line for your State as listed below. If you are not in the active military then you need to make 125% of the poverty line as listed for your State in the US. Note, that if you cannot make the income based on a salary then you can also add other income or investments to this total. What would normally be used is when you have a house the amount of equity in the house can be used as part of your income and is viewed by the US government as an investment. The value of your pension or the value of your car can also be used.

There is also the option where someone else could place assets into your name to increase your nett worth for the visa if you salary is not enough. Most visa applications in Thailand have shown that 99% of Us citizens can meet and exceed the minimum income levels for their State. Speak to us if you have any questions about your US visa application in Thailand.

48 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Guam:….

Sponsor’s Size 100% Poverty Line 125% Poverty Line
2 $14,570 $18,212
3 18,310 22,887
4 22,050 27,562
5 25,790 32,237
6 29,530 36,912
7 33,270 41,587
8 37,010 46,262
Add $3,740 per person Add $4,675 per person


Financial Requirements


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