K-1 Visa in Thailand – Tourist Visa?

Thinking of getting your girlfriend in Thailand a tourist visa or visitors visa so that you can marry her in the US? Well dont. Not only can it be viewed by USCIS as being an attempt to defraud the system but the US tourist visa also has a very high rejection rate in the vicinity of 90%.

If you are not certain if you would be able to apply for a K-1 Visa , speak to an attorney to view your chances. If you are self employed or active military member – the requirements for a k1 visa are lower for military members and self employed individuals may apply for a K1 Visa based on the amount of assets you own. This of course can be used to meet the minimum requirements fo the K-1 Visa if you are employed.

See the video and the calculations shown and see if you qualify.

K1 Visa Requirements

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