Applying for a K1 Visa in Pattaya

Many of the US visa applications in Thailand starts in Pattaya. The US does have a representative in Pattaya however all visa applications for the US still finds its way to the US Embassy in Bangkok. Our office in Pattaya can start the process for you however all the paperwork and visa interview needs to be done in Bangkok.

If you are thinking of applying for a tourist visa to the US for your Thai girlfriend while in Pattaya in order to get married in the US then take good advice and don’t. This is viewed by the US State department as immigration fraud and this would make for a very difficult situation when she tries to apply for a fiancee visa later. Also apply for the correct US visa and if you plan on taking your Thai girlfriend back to the US to get married then the K1 Visa application in Pattaya would be the best start. Here are the basics for the K1 Visa:


1. The relationship must be valid and you will need to prove this;

2. You must be a US citizen for this application. Greencard holders can’t use this;

3. Your Thai girlfriend needs to ensure that she can pass a medical exam;

4. She must not have been deported out of the US before (common problem in Pattaya);

5. You must not be on the US welfare system.

6. Your Thai girlfriend must not have a criminal record.


If the 6 points above are within your reach then you now simply need to ensure that the financial requirements can be met. We have listed the financial requirements for the K1 Visa on this website and if you are active military the financial requirements are lower and low  enough that even a Private can meet the financial requirements for the US visa. We have done many visa applications for US military personnel over the years and today most of the US personnel are personal recommendations.  If you have any questions about your US visa application then talk to us online, call our toll-free number or better yet walk into any of our offices in Thailand for assistance.


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